About OTB

About OTB Boots

OTB Boots consists of a group of footwear professionals who spend a lot of time in the outdoors and strive to make products for specific adventures rather than for fashion.

The founder, Dan Ellis, was honored to be asked by the US Navy SEALs to design and engineer a series of boots to be used for operations in and around the water. After many focus groups with SEAL Operators, the line of boots now known as OTB (Over the Beach) was born.

In addition to the Navy SEALs, Dan listened to customers with the goal of delivering products worthy of being called the “best in the field.” OTB footwear was conceived for very extraordinary purposes. By focusing on the needs of the user in specific situations, we are able to concentrate on the product and not the fluff.

Using high tech materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques allows us to make some very special products. Our shoes and boots are tested under the toughest conditions, in a laboratory environment as well as the critical field wear test. Know that your OTB shoe or boot has been approved by Special Forces Operators worldwide.

About Dan Ellis

Dan has a wealth of footwear product development experience dating back to 1986 where he began his career with Saucony in their athletic shoes division. Following that, he worked as a Product Engineer for Adidas, and was recruited to Reebok where he was the Director of Product Development and the Sr. Director of Marketing Operations.

In 2005, his focus shifted from athletic footwear to tactical, after being asked by Natick Soldier Systems to work on a suite of footwear for the US Navy SEALs. It was also at this time he developed Blackhawk’s range of tactical footwear, most of which are still being sold today. Working with the Navy SEALs led to the ground-breaking Abyss water shoe, and OTB Boots was born.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dan continued working in product development outside of OTB Boots. He helped develop the AKU Pilgrim boot for the Army’s Green Berets. This boot continues to be used by SF groups worldwide. He also helped the militaries of Switzerland and Jordan to redesign their combat boots, and in 2017, he developed all of Altama’s new tactical footwear, which was launched at the SHOT Show.

2018 sees a new path for Dan and OTB Boots, as he joins forces with US Patriot Tactical to bring the brand back to the forefront in tactical footwear. He will be focusing his efforts on adding dealers worldwide, along with continuing to develop unique tactical boots with the superior features that set OTB Boots apart from the competition.